About me

 After completion of her study at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (1996), Jeannette J. Quakkelaar started her own Art Atelier and after 20 years she now returned to her birthplace and hometown Dordrecht (south of Rotterdam)

I Am the embodiment of my paintings! 
My painting is me!” 

 As an international best selling visual artist she exposed on several locations in The Netherlands en did various shows across the country!

  ‘Everything is Emotion’ is the current theme for the collection of JJ, typical by a extensive variation on this theme and an even bigger variation on used and various materials/media.

 Characteristic are the strong emotional expressions of body parts / eyes/faces or devoted living creatures (so called animals) in combination with outstanding intense passionate colours. 
Sometimes with a poem or quote as a message in relief.
Our lives are lived thru our emotions, from love & passion and fear as extremes.

 Despite the fact that all artwork is different, there is an evident tangible totally new style which harmonizes it all together.

 Please carry yourself in the amazing world what life can truly be, in the perspective of a totally original innovative Jeannette.

 In 2017 JJ puts the accent on the exaltation of clothing, to transform them to unique pieces of art, expressing the “Eye Am” essence.

‘Everything is Emotion’ 2015 – 2017 ~  Cutting edge

Stand out from the Crowd!  2017-2018 ~  Eye Am

Most beautiful act:
Heartfelt Genuine Loving & Making People Happy”.

 Stay in touch through this website of JJ’s Artwork and for any information about exhibitions and sale.

JJ is open for exposure of her Artwork, Art on Clothing & Art Jewelry in any spot, wherever in the world!
(Ask for the possibilities.)